Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long Overdue...I know!!

I know, I know..I'ts been a really long time since i've posted anything! Some of these pics are new and some are from Easter..haha oops!! I'll try and be better! First things first..for my birthday, Joey and his family gave me a CRICUT! I've been wanting one so bad..I was so excited!

Isn't it so pretty? Im in love!!!

Lately i've been in a crafty mood! I'm pretty impressed with myself!!! I know they aren't perfect but I feel like its a good start! Im happy with how they have all turned out!

The Christmas countdown is on.....

I made these for my cousins wedding!!

These were made BEFORE the cricut came into my life! Dont worry...the next ones will look so much better with vinyl letters! I can't wait!

In the beginning this was GOLD and ugly!! I painted it black! Now I love it!

Now here come the Easter pictures! This Easter turned out to be a pretty good one! My parents decide to come to Pocatello, so we were able to meet them their and spend all weekend with them! I feel like it's been so long since we've last seen them! We were able to introduce Joey to "Buddy's"...for those of you who aren't cool enough to be from Pocatello.."Buddy's" is the most amazing italian restaurant ever!! Joey loved it! (I knew he would). We got to hang out with lots of family and just relax.

Since this was mine and Joey's 1st Easter as a married couple, I wanted it to be special of course...so I got him a cute basketball Easter basket and filled it with all of his favorite things! Joey being a guy...didn't even think about gettin me and Easter basket!! What would we do without the Easter Bunny!! :) Thanks Mom and Dad!

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