Sunday, March 20, 2011

NEW Haircut!!

So yesterday I did it! I cut my hair!! I was going to wait until summer...but I was so sick of pullin it up in a pony tail for work and I needed a change! So....Aubrey..the best hairstylist EVER chopped 8 inches of my hair off yesterday! I was pretty nervous at first, but now I love it and I'm glad I did it :)


  1. CUTE!!! And THATS why I keep going back to her...she does awesome!

  2. kandace you are darling! seriously you are like a model! love the haircut! thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog! :) i hope everything is going good for you! you guys look like your so happy and are always having fun! by the way is your husband related to any bradfields from preston id?

  3. no way do you live in Riverton! I work there EVERYDAY! I actually live in South Jordan off of 9800... seriously lets get together!