Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Where do I even start?! Las Vegas was so much fun! Joey and his friends have been going down to vegas for the Mountain West basketball tournament every year for the past probably 5 years. Last year we went...and we decided to go again this year! So I got off work early on Thurs and we headed to Vegas! The car was pretty crowded..it was kinda a long 6 hours! But definetly worth it! In our car there was Joey and I, Jeff and Tara Mills, and Darren Terry. Then we met another couple down there..Brad and Diondra..they live in Arizona. Once we got there, we met up with our them and we ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings! It's SO good and SO cheap! We were all pretty exhausted from the drive so we just hung out the rest of the night!

There are TONS of pictures! So i'll break it up a little bit! Here are the pics from thursday..drivin in the car all crowded!

Friday we woke up early and decided to go to the temple! Best decision we have ever made! The Las Vegas Temple is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It was seriously so pretty inside! It was really cool to be there with all of us together! We really enjoyed it! Later that day..we went to the pool and layed out, drank pina coladas..and sat in the hot tub..haha it was pretty windy so it was nice to be warm :)

Friday night we decided to got down to Downtown Las Vegas! It was so much fun! It's crazy how dirty vegas is! It was interesting to go to the temple and see that side of Vegas, then go down to the strip and see that side! People live such different life styles than we do! They truly are missing out! I know is sounds dumb..but im so grateful for my values and the things I know! I'm so glad we have the Gospel in our lives!

In downtown vegas, they have this spot where you can get fried twinkies and fried oreos! They are actually pretty dang good!!

We went to this hotel that has a pool outside, and in the middle of the pool is a bunch of fish and 3 sharks! No joke! They even have a water slide going through the middle! It was so fun to just sit there and watch the sharks!!

Tara is from vegas..so we were so lucky to be able to stay with her family! Saturday we shopped all day long! Then the boys went to the BYU game...while the girls shopped some more! Saturday night we went to the strip and just walked around! We walked in tons of malls and casinos! They have some pretty cool places!

Vegas turned out to be such a great vacation!! Thanks everybody..we had tons of fun!

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