Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Can you believe that we have already been married for 1 whole year?? It has gone by so fast and it has been amazing! We both LOVE being married..People say the 1st year is the hardest..but I dont agree with that at all! Yeah, we have our little arguments and disagreements but those things are what help us grow closer together! I love Joey so much! :)

So..we wanted to go somewhere sweet for our anniversary like Sandiego..but it's so expensive! So since we just got a new truck, we've been wanting to go camping, so thats what we decided we would do. We drove down south past Bryce Cayon, to a campsite called Kodachrome! Its in between Bryce Canyon, and a little town called Escalante. It was a blast! We hiked, played games, ate at cute little towns, shopped around, stayed in a hotel the first night, played catch, and hung out by the campfire!

Here we are by our new truck :)

haha..So Joey saw these cows with HUGE horns and we had to pull over and get a picture by them...he was pretty excited!

We saw SO many lizards..they were so cute!

Our nice big tent we got for our wedding..

We loved our campsite!

Joey climbed up this way steep rocky mountain side (I tried but I couldnt do it), You can see him at the very top in the middle!


  1. happy anniversary! what a fun way to celebrate!

  2. You were that close to me and didn't even call?!!! You were only like an hr away! But happy anniversary! Time really does fly, next thing you know you'll be rockin a baby to sleep in the middle of the night...jk but seriously! It's time guys! Love ya!

    PS Love the new truck :)

  3. It's been a year??? Holy moly! I'm with you - the first year is the best! Looks like you guys had a great adventure.
    Cute crafty stuff too. Look at you! :) I never saw that Cranor thing you made - so cute! Can't wait to see you guys next month.

  4. Kandace, you crack me up! I love the "cute lizards" comment. Congrats on the 1 year mark! I love you guys!

  5. Fun!!! Congrats on your first year!! Time flies! Our first year was way easy too. And the second! And I think they all will be! It's not hard to get along with someone you love :) You guys are so cute and we miss you!